There’re several changes observed by the transportation business in India in 2022. These changes are visible both in freight carriage as well as passenger traffic, according to data available from various reliable sources.

In this article, we will look at some of the changes observed by the transportation business in 2022.

Some Changes Observed by Transportation Businesses

The transportation business in Melbourne largely depended on offline processes. However, due to the new normal, most of them are moving to online platforms.
Here’re some of these major changes the transportation sector in India- both logistics and passenger traffic-are witnessing this year.

Shift to Online Platforms

In 2022, we’re seeing such logistics companies move to online platforms, either with a business website or through other platforms such as WhatsApp.
As a result of opening business websites, most of these transportation companies are also engaging in digital marketing. That’s because they wish to be noticed by customers.

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